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This portable touchscreen perches on your laptop’s display

A unique, portable monitor made by Nex perches on your MacBook or USB-C laptop screen to provide a second display for more workspace, to keep an eye on important news and social media feeds, or to watch a video while tweeting or clearing your inbox.

Called, the NexPad, it’s a thin, light, external monitor that’s can be positioned so it sits above your laptop’s built-in display. Priced at $249, the 12-inch, 1080p touchscreen looks like an interesting way to expand your desktop vertically.

The NexPad perches on your laptop's screen.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Beyond just adding another screen, the height provides a better ergonomic angle for using your laptop on a desk or table. Ideally, a monitor should be placed at eye level. Portable external monitors that stand even with a laptop’s screen don’t provide the same benefit.

You might be wondering how your laptop hinge will be able to support the added 1.6-pound weight. Nex designed a clever magnetic kickstand that supports your laptop’s angle while raising the NexPad display closer to eye level. In theory, this sounds like a good solution but we haven’t had hands-on experience with it yet.

The NexPad comes with a magnetic kickstand to help support the screen.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The NexPad is powered by your laptop’s USB-C plug so it will affect battery life. The monitor includes one mini-HDMI 2.0 port, two USB-C ports that use the USB 3.1 standard, and one USB-C port that uses the older 2.0 standard. The magnetic mount and kickstand are bundled at the $250 price, providing extra value.

The NexPad is also compatible with some smartphones that allow a desktop mode. Samsung is the most notable with its Dex software. For the full list, see Nex’s website.

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