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Latest Nvidia GeForce drivers optimized for the best Oculus Touch experience

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It’s not enough to pick up the latest and greatest GPU for your gaming system. Keeping up with driver updates is key to making sure you’re running your games as quickly as possible. Nvidia has launched its latest GeForce drivers, version 376.19, with improvements not only for some important games but with enhancements for virtual reality systems as well.

The improvements for the latest GeForce drivers include Game Ready Driver support for Oculus Touch launch titles. Touch is the newest controller for the Rift VR system and now Nvidia’s drivers have been updated to provide the optimal experience for games that support them.

The new drivers also provide new or improved 3D Vision profiles for a handful of games, including Dead Rising 4, Mars 2030, Serious Sam, and Superhot. Windows 10 improvements include resolving notebook G-Sync flickering issues and a fix for G-Sync pendulum demo issues. No Man’s Sky with Foundation Update 1.10 should no longer show severe texture corruption with SLI enabled.

As usual with new drivers, some issues are introduced with Nvidia’s GeForce 376.19 release. Dead Rising 4 could crash if graphics are set to low or medium quality, the graphics company warns. You might have to reboot your PC if you’re installing the new drivers over versions 372.69 or 372.54. A complete list of issues can be reviewed here.

You can grab the newest drivers at Nvidia’s support site. Also, if you’re running the GeForce Experience software then you should receive notice that new drivers are available. Follow the instructions to install the newest and then enjoy enhanced VR support. Sound off in the comments below if you encounter any bugs or problems!

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