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Opera Sync gets hacked, 1.7 million people's data could be compromised

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For the most part, browser sync services have been exempt from data breaches that have become the status quo. Unfortunately, it looks like Opera Sync fell victim to a data breach that potentially leaves more than a few people’s data at risk.

Opera, which holds 10 percent of the mobile browser market, took to its blog to announce it detected an attack that gained access to Opera Sync, which lets you sync browser data and settings across different devices and platforms. Opera is currently looking into the attack, but believes that passwords and account information stored in the sync system might have been compromised.

“Although we only store encrypted (for synchronized passwords) or hashed and salted (for authentication) passwords in this system, we have reset all the Opera Sync account passwords as a precaution,” the blog entry reads.

In addition to resetting passwords, Opera Software sent emails to every Opera Sync user, asking them to change their passwords. Furthermore, Opera Sync users were encouraged to change any third-party passwords linked to the service.

Opera was not entirely clear as to how many are affected by the data breach. According to the company, there are 350 million people using its products, with 1.7 million of them registered as Sync users. However, that number was for July, which means that more or less people might have registered or deregistered since then.

Thankfully, it looks as if the intrusion only impacted Opera Sync and not other services. Generally speaking, Opera does not want to take any chances, but such a response is appropriate given its sale to a consortium of Chinese companies for $600 million back in July. That sale originally stood at $1.2 billion and intended to include all of Opera’s business operations, but was eventually scrapped.

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