Schematic Prints turns your first computer and video game console into works of art

Apple I_Schematic Prints from City Prints

We always remember the computer or video game console that we played our first game on. In my case, I still remember the clunky Apple II that I use to boot up some card game that I couldn’t play well. While our first machine definitely deserves a place in our homes for making us fall in love with technology, most of us don’t have the luxury of space to make a shrine to honor our gadgets (especially for those of us who live in small apartments in big cities). So, to honor your first true tech-love, why not decorate your walls with the the schematics of classic computers or consoles?

Apple II_Schematic Prints fr

City Prints is offering prints of the innards of old-school machines as art, which is much more space efficient than finding room inside tight living quarters. After all, even something as technical and geeky as gadget maps can be beautiful. “Steve Jobs was famous for saying that he wanted everything on his computers to be beautiful, even the insides,” as the City Prints website says, “even [his] schematics are art!”

Atari_Schematic Prints from City Prints

Currently, there are only six different computers and consoles you can get as a schematic print from City Prints. You can choose between these machines to adorn your walls in bright colors: the Apple I, Apple II, Atari, Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo with controller and gun. These pieces are printed on 12-by-16-inch heavy stock that has a subtle metallic shimmer to it, so they won’t look like something you printed on your little inkjet printer.

The stand-alone print costs $40, while the print with frame option will set you back $180.

[Images via City Prints]

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