Raptr tells us who’s been playing what in March

raptr games list march

Although not quite as ubiquitous as the likes of Steam, Raptr is quite a popular gaming service on the PC. As well as offering users the chance to interact with one another, it can also be used for optimizing your system and recording in-game footage. And as a tertiary benefit for the rest of us, it also keeps an eye on what games people are playing, and occasionally we get to take a look at what those are.

This time around we have Raptr’s March data, which has a pretty unsurprising top end. League of Legends is still ruling the roost, with almost 22 percent of all gaming done by Raptr users during March given over to the Summoner’s Rift and its various champions.

Coming in at a somewhat distant second place was World of Warcraft, which following its most recent expansion has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence. It’s also by far the oldest game on our list (save for number 20), so Blizzard deserves some kudos for that.

Other standouts include popular choices like DotA 2, SMITE and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, all of which appear regularly on top lists from other sites and services. What’s perhaps more interesting to consider through are the movers and the shakers that have been rising or falling on the list. PayDay 2 shot up 23 places since February, thanks to a free weekend it had, making it one of the biggest gainers, where in comparison Battlefield 4 has fallen seven places and Dragon Age: Inquisition has fallen off the chart entirely.

The most surprising entry on the list though? Spider Solitaire. Coming in at number 20, Raptr users spent almost an entire percentage point of their time during March playing the old Windows classic.

Surely there are better games for us to be wasting our time with?