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The sculpted Iskur X is Razer’s most affordable gaming chair at $399

Razer just announced that its Iskur X gaming chair is now available. Billed as the company’s most affordable gaming chair — it doesn’t come with crazy fold-out OLED displays like the concept Project Brooklyn — the Iskur X comes with an ergonomic design comprising high-density foam cushions, durable synthetic leather, and a steel-reinforced body that’s made for hours of gaming.

The company claimed that the Iskur X is designed for maximum comfort and engineered for lasting durability. The chair supports up to 136 kilograms of weight — or 520 pounds — and features a sculpted backrest that contours to the natural curvature of your spine. A 2D armrest to minimize wrist and shoulder strain and angled seat edge for leg and thigh support round out the ergonomic design. The chair also supports multiple recline positions and can be repositioned during long gaming sessions.

In terms of the material, Razer stated that the synthetic leather feels and looks great. It is coated with a resin layer for shine on the surface and comes with a multilayered synthetic polyurethane fabric to withstand peeling from hours of daily use.

In addition to its gaming chair, Razer also launched separate Razer Head Cushion and Razer Lumbar Cushions for added support, which you can use with the Iskur X or your existing gaming chair. These cushions help to improve your posture and support your body for improved ergonomics. The Razer Lumbar Cushion, for instance, helps set the spine in a neutral position with its memory foam padding, according to the company. The Head Cushion, on the other hand, contours to your head for even more balance and support. You can add the Head Cushion to the top of your gaming chair, while the Lumbar Cushion is designed to rest on the lower-back portion of your chair.

All three components are available now on and through authorized retailers, the company said. The Razer Iskur X gaming chair retails for $399, while the Razer Head Cushion is priced at $39 and the Lumbar Cushion comes in at $49. The Iskur X joins Razer’s existing Iskur, which comes in at $499, or a $100 premium over the Iskur X.

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