Intimidated by your keyboard’s custom lights? Razer’s Chroma Workshop makes customization easy

One of the hottest trends in peripherals right now, and especially with gaming keyboards, is RGB back lighting. But the one downside to all the options now given to gamers with fancy keyboards is that it can take a long time to make a profile that looks really cool.

What better way to skip all that than just to use the lighting profile someone else created? That’s what Razer has made possible with its new Chroma Workshop.

This isn’t just for keyboards, but is for every Chroma equipped device. You could have one of Razer’s supported gaming mice, like the DeathAdder or Deathstalker, its Kraken 7.1 headset, or the Firefly mouse mat. They will need to be the Chroma version of thoses though, which can in some cases costs that little bit more.

If you’d like to try out one or many of the multitude of profiles already available (216 at the time of writing) then just head over to the Workshop, download one, and apply it.

As well as a serving as a repository for all the custom Chroma profiles, the Workshop is also a place for everything Chroma. There are tips and tricks for how to make the best of your colorful peripheral, guides on how to use the basics of the various tools on offer, and a showcase of all the games, released and upcoming, that support custom color profiles based on their controls.

Some games will highlight what you can do on the keyboard with lighting profiles as soon as you launch them, whilst others still may be able to automatically perform certain lighting effects when things happen in-game.

If you really want to get in-depth, though, there’s the Chroma SDK which you can play with. For that Razer sends you over to its developer portal, which offers some more in-depth detail about how you can truly customize your devices.

Not everyone likes RGB lighting though. Are you one of the people who finds all of those glowing devices distracting and unnecessary?