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Samsung promises the upcoming CF791 monitor will out-curve the competition

In a video outlining Samsung’s monitor lineup for late 2016, the Korean electronics giant has shown off the latest in monitor technology: deep curves.

Really, the CF791 is, according to Samsung, the curviest monitor in the world. It apparently out-curves other curved monitors with a sharp 1500R curve, according to Techreport. Monitor curvature is measured by how large a completed circle of these monitors would be, so in this case a 1500R curve means the circle would be 1500 mm, or 1.5 meters – the smaller the number, the sharper the curve.

The CF791 isn’t out yet, but the YouTube video released today does include some pretty impressive specs on the curvaceous gaming monitor. It’s a 34 inches, with 3440×1440 max resolution and quantum-dot technology to deliver startling color accuracy and an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio.

Related: The CF791 will support FreeSync, which puts an end to that pesky screen-tearing.

What does that have to do with monitor quality? Well for the most part it means the CF791 will put most HDTVs to shame with its color accuracy, and sharp details – unless that HDTV is 4K capable.

The CF791 is not a 4K monitor, but it is very curvy and according to Samsung the monitor is “bezel less” on three sides, making it an attractive choice for a multi-monitor setup. The monitor boasts a vivid VA LCD panel, instead of a more typical IPS panel, which Samsung claims will reduce light leakage on the CF791 compared to similar monitors using IPS panels.

Additionally, the CF791 will support advanced picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes, allowing users to view images from two inputs simultaneously – like a dual monitor setup. It will also include optional plastic plates which can snap-on to disguise unsightly wiring.

There’s no word on the pricing just yet, the video showed off the capabilities of the monitor, but not its price tag.

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