Seesmic Wants to Give Twitter a Makeover


Twitter and Facebook app maker Seesmic has given Twitter a little bit of a makeover today. Seesmic launched the Look app today, a new product that is designed for those Twitter users who don’t Tweet, but love to read them. The Twitter tweeting format can be confusing and isn’t as eyecatching as it could be—Seesmic was apparently felt the same way. This app lets you scan your favorite Twitter feeds, allowing users to view Tweets in a more appealing format and catch up on what they missed with the “playback” mode. Look gives users the option of sorting Tweets by different categories as well, so their screen doesn’t look like a jumble of information and color.

Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur says Look is a touch-enabled app which is optimized for a touch interface, meaning this app is perfect for the early adopters of the tablet PC. Although Le Meur claims this app was created to bring Twitter to a wider audience—since it’s easy to view and you don’t have to log into Twitter to use it—but we feel that touch-enabled aspect of the app makes it more exclusive than inclusive.

Seesmic wants to make clear that this app was specifically designed for the creepy Twitter lurker—you know who you are. If you’re more of a Twitter contributor then you may want to check out Seesmic Desktop.

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