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Triple your notebook’s display size with new Slidenjoy

Sliden'Joy : the world's first triple screen for your laptop!
Have you ever found yourself debating whether to finish that piece of work on the laptop, where you can take it somewhere more comfortable to tap away at, or on your desktop, where your multiple screens improve your productivity? It’s a difficult choice that many face on a regular basis, but perhaps not for much longer, as Slidenjoy wants to bring multi-monitor efficiency to the humble notebook.

The Slidenjoy is a Kickstarter product that’s blown past its initial goal of 300,000 Euros already, which shows at least that the hype is there. It’s a product that hooks on to the back of your laptop and gives it two more fold-out displays. They can face you for added productivity, those opposite or to the side of you to let them view it too, or just fold away when they aren’t needed.

Available in three sizes — 13, 15, and 17 inches — the Slidenjoy is compatible with all laptops thanks to its use of four specialized adhesive pads. However, MacBook owners can skip that sticky step altogether and pay a little more for a magnetic case that lets them attach the extra screens with one of the universe’s fundamental laws.

Of course though the fold out frame and its adhesive components aren’t the expensive part, it’s the displays themselves. That’s because they’re reasonably high-quality IPS matt screens, with a five millisecond response time and a 1080P resolution. Better yet, they don’t require a power cable, and can simply be turned on with the use of a single USB 3.0 cable, or two USB 2.0 cables.

The Slidenjoy is currently priced at 200 Euros ($220) for a single slide out display for early-bird buyers. Those that want the full triple screen functionality will have to shell out a little more: 300 Euros. ($330).

Although these additional displays don’t weigh much (between 50 and 100 grams), how do you feel about the idea of additional bulk on your notebook?

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