Sony VAIO PCG-TR1A Notebook

PCG-TR1A Picture 1

Sony is at it again with a wonderfully designed, elegant and powerful new notebook.  Reminiscent of Sony’s Vaio C1MW PictureBook, the PCG-TR1A sports an integrated camera at the top of the LCD display.  But that’s where the similarities end.  While the PictureBook was a dull looking laptop, the PCG-TR1A screams style and has a great “Wow!” factor.  Due to hit the market July 11th, 2003 this sub notebook will make an impressive impact in the market.

PCG-TR1A thumb2Weighing in at a mere 3.11 pounds due to the ultra-sleek silvery-white magnesium alloy casing, and sporting a 10.6 inch widescreen format LCD featuring Sony’s exclusive XBRITE? display technology, this mini-laptop will satisfy those craving for a stylish travel laptop.  PCG-TR1A thumb3Featuring the new 900 MHz Intel Centrino processor for extra long battery life, estimated at 2.5 – 7 hours with the standard Lithium-ion battery, and CD-RW/DVD combo drive makes this laptop perfect for watching DVD’s on flights or working as a light, on the go work computer.  Coupled with the built in camera, users can snap photos or film videos directly to the 30 GB drive or stream them via wireless networking using the built in 802.11b.

The PCG-TR1A also comes with various media connectivity options: Two USB 2.0 ports, a Memory Stick? media slot and a Firewire i.LINK? (IEEE 1394) digital port.

PCG-TR1A thumb4Not only does this subnote come with attractive hardware specs, but packs a punch with the multimedia software packages.  Included are DVgate? video editing software for capture and editing of video, and Sony?s SonicStage? Mastering Studio software which can be used for converting those old tapes and vinyl to digital audio format.

Comparable products are Sony?s Vaio GT3/K and the Vaio C1MW PictureBook.

Estimated retail price is a competitive $2000.

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