Learn at the feet of the masters: Steam Dev Days presentation videos now on YouTube

Valve has uploaded YouTube videos of all talks and panel discussions featured at this year’s recently concluded Steam Dev Days conference, offering developer-oriented insights into virtual reality, Early Access, and other emerging technologies.

The channel has also archived all of the Steam Dev Days talks from 2014 in a comprehensive playlist, giving developers an idea of how the industry has grown and changed in recent years.

Steam Dev Days is an annual conference hosted by Valve in which developers from around the world gather to discuss current industry events and trends. The event hosts multiple talks and panel sessions in which industry experts take the stage to discuss their craft and what they’ve learned over the previous year’s worth of work. The conference is open only to Steam-licensed developers, and excludes members of the press in order to encourage networking and collaboration among its attendees.

Featured presenters at this year’s event included Epic Games’ Wes Bunn, who discussed the difficulties involved in developing virtual reality games within Unreal Engine 4, and Unity Technologies’ Corey Johnson, who offered tips for developers starting VR projects in Unity.

Robin Meijer and Joost van Dongen from Ronimo Games later discussed games as a service, and how the approach defined their successful MOBA Awesomenauts. Other talks touch on topics ranging from gaming psychology to server hosting.

Many featured talks focus on Steam itself, including sessions discussing the Steam inventory system, the Steam controller, and SteamVR. Virtual reality is another common theme among many of this year’s presenters, and individual sessions covered specific subjects like graphical fidelity, VR philosophy, and VR’s future.

In addition to Valve’s uploaded series of YouTube videos and playlists, all of this year’s Steam Dev Days talks are available for free viewing via Steam.

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