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Danny Cowan

Danny Cowan


Danny’s passion for video games was ignited upon his first encounter with Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, and years later, he still seeks out the best that the industry has to offer. His unending search for hidden gaming gems often leads him into weird territory, and his taste is questionable, but he’s nice enough.

Facebook Live rolls out gaming-focused streaming features for laptops, desktops

Facebook Live targets the gaming market with new features that allow users to stream live gameplay footage from desktop or laptop computers.
mass effect andromeda post launch patch masseffectface

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ post-launch patch addresses balance, animation bugs

The first post-launch patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda will roll out across all platforms this week, fixing many animation and balance issues.
nintendo swith nes emulator secret switch 0015 640x0

Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS systems undergo server maintenance this week

Nintendo announced that Switch, Wii U, and 3DS online services will be unavailable during a server maintenance session this week.
nintendo dsi shop closes dsishutdown header 640x0

Better spend your points: Nintendo DSi Shop closes at the end of March

Nintendo is closing its DSi Shop at the end of this month, and players have until March 31 to spend any remaining points.
liquidsky cloud streaming service relaunches

LiquidSky promises seamless PC game streaming with relaunched client

Gaming-focused cloud streaming service LiquidSky has relaunched with support for hundreds of compatible PC games.
valkyria revolution dated june valkyriarev

‘Valkyria Revolution’ launches stateside for PS4, Xbox One, Vita in June

Sega's military-themed brawler Valkyria Revolution will hit North America for the Xbox One PlayStation 4, and PS Vita in June.
playstation 4 pro media player adds 4k video playback sony 0011 720x720

PlayStation 4 Pro owners get 4K video playback with new Media Player update

Sony has updated the PlayStation 4 Pro's Media Player app, enabling 4K video playback for files stored on a USB device or media server.
shin megami tensei strange journey remake announced deepstrangejourney

‘Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey’ remake announced for Nintendo 3DS

A remake of Atlus' 2009 dungeon crawler Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS.
ea play 2017 dated battlefronteaplay2017

New 'Star Wars Battlefront,' 'Need for Speed' games to be unveiled at EA Play 2017

EA Play 2017 attendees will get a first look at "the next Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed experiences."
telltale walking dead s3e3 dated walkingdeads3e3

Telltale’s latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ exposes The New Frontier

The latest chapter of Telltale's episodic adventure game series The Walking Dead: Season 3 will launch by the end of this month.
elgato stream deck revealed elgatostreamdeck

Elgato Stream Deck promises a smoother streaming experience

The Elgato Stream Deck is a live-stream-focused desktop keypad that maps common stream functions to customizable LED buttons.
xbox live gold april 2017 ryse free

Games galore: ‘Ryse’ and more major titles go free in April via Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft will issue free copies of Ryse: Son of Rome and Assassin's Creed Revelations to Xbox Live Gold subscribers throughout next month.
street fighter v free pc trial sfvtrial

Free ‘Street Fighter V’ Steam trial includes DLC characters, new features

Street Fighter V will be free to play on Steam next week, offering PC players a glimpse of upcoming features and gameplay improvements.
tech series xbox one controllers revealed controller

Microsoft reveals military-inspired 'Tech Series' Xbox One controllers

Microsoft has announced a new series of enhanced Xbox One controllers that are "inspired by military technology and performance patterns."
secret of mana collection coming to nintendo switch secretofmana

Secret of Mana series collection coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Square Enix bundles the Super NES hit Secret of Mana alongside its predecessor and sequel as part of the upcoming Seiken Densetsu Collection.
mass effect andromeda game ready drivers

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Game Ready drivers deliver performance boosts, HDR support

Mass Effect: Andromeda's Game Ready drivers ensure "higher-fidelity effects, higher framerates, and support for higher resolutions."
the surge launches may thesurgemay

‘The Surge’ set to mix ‘Dark Souls’ with sci-fi action in May

Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 will take another stab at the action-RPG genre with its dystopian thriller The Surge in May.
telltale batman guardians switch bound rocketswitch

Telltale's 'Batman,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' are Switch-bound, retail leaks suggest

A pair of European retailers claim that ports of Telltale's Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy games are headed to the Nintendo Switch.
primal rage 2 resurfaces rage2

Canceled before release in the 1990s, 'Primal Rage 2' is now playable on PCs

A long-lost sequel to the '90s fighting game Primal Rage has finally surfaced, and is now playable on modern PCs via emulation.
disney afternoon collection bundles 8bit classics talespin

Capcom’s ‘Disney Afternoon Collection’ bundles 8-bit NES classics in HD

Publisher Capcom will bundle six of its most beloved 8-bit classics in The Disney Afternoon Collection for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.
playstation now offers ps4 games 7 640x0

PlayStation 4 games will hit Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service in 2017

Sony announced that its subscription-based streaming service PlayStation Now will soon support PlayStation 4 games.
washington mystics stadium primed esports inauguration 640x0

NRG Esports earns official Washington D.C. sponsorship and stadium space

Washington D.C. has extended its official sponsorship to NRG Esports as part of an initiative to make the district a competitive gaming hub.
telltale guardians of the galaxy cast revealed telltalegotg

Telltale’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to make gameplay debut at SXSW

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will be unveiled at PAX East this weekend, followed by an interactive gameplay session at SXSW.
oculus releases space sim mission iss missioniss

Rift-exclusive 'Mission: ISS' simulates life on the International Space Station

Oculus has released Mission: ISS, a virtual reality experience that simulates the day-to-day operations of the International Space Station.
galactic civilizations iii crusade expansion detailed galciv3crusade

‘Galactic Civilizations III’ adds espionage missions in ‘Crusade’ expansion pack

Galactic Civilizations III will soon get custom factions and espionage missions as part of its Crusade expansion launching this spring.
ps4 pro boost mode now available 2 438x292 c

PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode debuts with latest firmware update

PlayStation 4 Pro owners will see improved performance in games with variable framerates after enabling the platform's new Boost Mode.
rime launches this may rimemay

Island puzzle game ‘Rime’ launches in May for consoles and PCs

Madrid-based developer Tequila Works revealed today that its desert island puzzler Rime will arrive for consoles and PCs in May.
outlast 2 debuts april outlast2dated

Survival horror sequel ‘Outlast 2’ will terrify series fans in April

Outlast 2 will launch digitally for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms via Steam next month alongside a retail series compilation.
switch console launch nintendos biggest ever screen shot 2016 12 08 at 9 43 29 am 438x292 c

Switch console launch sets 48-hour sales record for Nintendo of America

Nintendo Of America's president confirmed that the Nintendo Switch console launch was the company's biggest ever in the United States.
nier automata pc version launching soon nierautomatasteam

‘Nier: Automata’ coming to PC March 17, just 10 days after its PS4 launch

PlatinumGames' over-the-top action-RPG Nier: Automata is heading to PC platforms less than two weeks after its PlayStation 4 debut.
mother 4 fan made sequel renamed mother4

'Mother 4' fan sequel renamed as Nintendo's legal threats hit close to home

A creative group of EarthBound fans has renamed its unofficial sequel game in light of recent legal threats aimed at similar fan projects.
xbox no halo gears of war in 2017 halo5nosequel2017

Xbox fans won't get new 'Halo' or 'Gears of War' sequels in 2017

Xbox fans hoping for Halo or Gears of War follow-ups will have to wait, as neither series will see a full-fledged sequel this year.
shadow of war pc hardware requirements shadowofwar

Plot your return to Midde-earth with ‘Shadow of War’ hardware requirements

Warner Bros. has issued its recommended PC specs for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, giving series fans plenty of time to upgrade before launch.
farpoint playstation vr aim controller bundle farpointvr

Sony’s PSVR Aim looks like a sci-fi prop, morphs into any gun, launches May 16

Sony will launch its PlayStation VR Aim Controller in May alongside Farpoint, an FPS that offers players full freedom of movement.