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Telltale's 'Batman,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' are Switch-bound, retail leaks suggest

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Developer Telltale Games may be plotting its Nintendo Switch debut, as a pair of European retailers claim that ports of the studio’s Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy games are headed to Nintendo’s newly launched console.

While Telltale itself has not yet confirmed plans to publish its games for the Nintendo Switch, U.K. retailer 365games and Russian outlet GameBuy have each listed physical retail editions of the company’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman games for Nintendo’s new console during the past week. North American tech outlet Newegg also recently added a product page for Guardians of the Galaxy, indicating that an official announcement from Telltale is imminent.

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Released as a series of playable episodes throughout 2016, Batman: The Telltale Series puts players in control of the popular DC Comics superhero in a quest reminiscent of classic point-and-click adventure games. Over the course of the game, Batman encounters familiar villains like Catwoman, Two-Face, and the Penguin as Gotham City’s future hangs in the balance.

While Batman: The Telltale Series features action sequences, players spend the majority of the adventure interrogating suspects, examining evidence, and linking citywide criminal activity as they attempt to piece together an overarching mystery. The setup is familiar for fans of Telltale’s catalog, as the company’s games typically favor decision-making over all-out action.

Telltale’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game will tread similar ground as players assume the roles of Marvel universe characters like Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord. While plot details regarding the studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation are not yet known, fans can get an early glimpse at Telltale’s work during an interactive crowd play session at South by Southwest this weekend.

Speaking to GameSpot about the possibility of a Switch port for Guardians of the Galaxy, a Telltale representative said “Guardians of the Galaxy is slated to premiere digitally in 2017 on consoles, PC, and mobile device,” neither confirming nor denying the studio’s plans to enter the Switch marketplace.

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