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This gorgeous triple-monitor stand can hold three 22-pound displays

Racing game fanatics and flight sim aficionados are always looking to find the ultimate wraparound, fully immersive gaming experience in terms of PC monitors. The new Monoprice Dark Matter triple monitor stand is one of the most interesting takes we’ve seen on that kind of a setup.

Monoprice claims the Dark Matter Triple Monitor Stand can handle three 32-inch monitors weighing up to 22 pounds each. We haven’t tested the stand for ourselves yet, but that’s quite an impressive claim.

The Monoprice Dark Matter Triple Monitor Stand
image: Monoprice

But at first glance, the stand looks solid. It’s an all-metal floor stand with foldable side-mounting arms, which allow you to angle the side monitors how you need. There are also built-in cable-management clasps to keep your wires secured to the metal stand, which is a nice touch.

The stand supports four VESA mount sizes — 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 200 x 100, and 200 x 200. You can collapse both side mounts and hang a single monitor on the center, up to 49-inches, but it cannot weigh more than 22 pounds. This is great if you have something like the Alienware 34 QD-OLED curved monitor, which just happens to weigh 22 pounds.

We’ve seen other triple-monitor stands in the past, but many of them have been desk-mounted or attempt to cram three monitors together. The 55-inch Samsung Ark attempts to solve the issue of immersive wraparound gaming, but this beast is unwieldy and extremely expensive. The floor-mounted triple-monitor stand might just be a clever idea.

The Monoprice Dark Matter triple-monitor stand is $199 and comes with a one-year warranty. Monoprice claims the foldable stand arrives in hassle-free packaging and is easy to get set up in minutes.

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