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Nathan Drescher

Nathan Drescher

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Nathan Drescher is a freelance journalist and writer from Ottawa, Canada. He's been writing about technology from around the world for a decade, with his work featured in Ottawa Life Magazine, Marketing Edge Magazine, AltCoin Magazine, and other places. Nathan studied journalism at Algonquin College and spent seven years teaching English abroad. Today he lives with his wife and children in Canada's beautiful capital city, where he drinks too much coffee and eats too much shawarma.

The keyboard and trackpad of the MacBook Pro.

How to choose between a MacBook and a Windows laptop

The MacBooks versus Windows laptops debate has been raging for decades, but never has it been this intense or important.
Man uses Microsoft Teams on a laptop in order to video chat.

How to keep your Microsoft Teams status active

Learn how to keep Microsoft Teams active so you never appear as Away to your boss and are always reachable for calls and messages.
What is Linux

How to install Ubuntu on a Windows computer

You can download a fresh copy of Ubuntu directly onto your computer for everyday use. Here's how.
Boxes for an Apple Watch, iPhones, and Airpods sit on a desk.

How to contact Apple support for help with your Mac, iPhone, and more

Your MacBook or iPhone may need to visit the Apple doctor at some point, and there are several reliable support channels to help service your product.
Apple MacBook Pro seen from the side.

Why the MacBook Pro is the perfect gaming laptop for me

My 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro processor can game so well, it’s become the best gaming laptop I’ve ever owned.
A young man using the HP 14-Inch 2-in-1 Chromebook.

I took my son shopping for his first school laptop. Here’s what surprised me

I searched the dizzying array of choices for the right option for my son's first Chromebook, and it was a bigger challenge than I'd imagined.
A young man using the HP 14-Inch 2-in-1 Chromebook.

Don’t waste your money on a MacBook Air. Just buy a Chromebook instead

If all you do is check your email, write documents, play with Excel, and watch YouTube, then save your money, because a Chromebook is all you need.
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super review

Nvidia may be killing some of its most popular GPUs

Nvidia could be ending production of its two most popular graphics cards, the RTX 2060 and GTX 1660.
A Bykski B-1080-CEC-X external cooler next to a mid-size PC tower with tubes feeding into the side against a rose background

This Bykski external cooler is bigger than your PC

The Bykski B-1080-CEC-X is an external cooler with cold exhaust heat dissipation that you can set up next to your tower, because forget minimalism.
Kyle Hansen looking suspiciously at an RTX 4080 GPU

A YouTuber proved there’s a problem with Nvidia’s prices

Kyle Hansen of the Bitwit YouTube channel built a PC with a Ryzen 5 and Radeon RX 6800 for half the price of an Nvidia-powered machine.
An AMD Ryzen 7000 processor slotted into a motherboard.

AMD drops huge price cuts on Ryzen 7000-series processors right now

AMD has cut the prices for its Ryzen 7000-series processors by up to $120 in some cases.
The v3000 plus tower is all black with a small rgb light strip in the center

The V3000 Plus is a giant dual PC case — with one drawback

The Lian Li V3000 Plus case is large enough to hold two entire PC systems, including two monster GPUs.
you can burn calories while game with the cycledesk 100 thermaltake bike

You can burn calories while you game with the Cycledesk 100

There’s a desk, in front of which you can place an entire exercise bike. Gym bros around the world are surely rejoicing.
an ugly blue, green, and white clippy sweater

There’s a Clippy ugly holiday sweater — and it’s awesome

Clippy has returned in the form of an ugly Christmas sweater.
A man's hand holds a Naga 2 Pro gaming mouse on a black desktop

Razer updates its Naga mouse with HyperSpeed wheel and more

Razer launched its newest gaming mouse today, the Razer Naga 2 Pro.
A white microwave with a PC inside lit by blue RGB lighting

Someone built a PC in a microwave, because why not?

Despite all the warnings about putting metal in a microwave, someone stuck an entire computer in there.
A Framework laptop upside down with two hands holding it and the USB ports unscrewed

The Framework laptop is officially Thunderbolt 4 certified

Framework laptops are officially Thunderbolt 4 certified after undergoing a rigorous Intel testing process.
A yellow and black McCrispy gaming chair

We’re lovin’ this official McDonald’s gaming chair — the McCrispy Ultimate

Some lucky person in the U.K. is going to receive their very own McCrispy Ultimate gaming chair, courtesy of McDonald’s.
the rtx 4090 power adaptor melted

Great, now even the RTX 4090 power connectors are starting to melt

The Nvidia drama just got worse as Tom's Hardware has reported on a GeForce RTX 4090 power connector meltdown.
The Rewind app on an iMac with a pink background, showing a grid of faces from a Zoom call

This creepy Mac app can record every moment of your online life

A new app for your Mac claims it can record every moment of your online life and store it for retrieval.
A pc inside a vintage wooden Motorola radio case with a stainless steel fan at the front, surrounded by green leaves.

This gaming PC inside a vintage radio is truly amazing

Here's the most unusual PC build I've ever seen. It's a gaming PC inside a vintage 1940's Motorola radio case. And believe it or not, the thing actually works!
Google Chrome icon in mac dock.

Why Google Chrome Incognito Mode isn’t what it claims to be

It seems what we expect of Google Chrome’s Incognito mode and what Google actually does are two different things.
Huawei MateStation X.

Could the Huawei MateStation X dethrone Apple’s iMac?

Huawei is updating its MateStation X with an all-new form factor, according to a leak on Weibo.
A MacBook Pro M2 sits on a wooden table with a nice bokeh background.

This new Best Buy program lets you lease a MacBook

Mac users in the U.S. can now upgrade their MacBooks thanks to a new program Best Buy offers, called Upgrade+. It’s essentially like a car lease, but for a Mac.
The Monoprice Dark Matter Triple Monitor Stand

This gorgeous triple-monitor stand can hold three 22-pound displays

Racing game fanatics and flight sim aficionados can finally get that immersed experience thanks to the Monoprice Dark Matter triple-monitor stand.
how to change your background in microsoft teams

How to use Microsoft Teams

Looking for a one-stop shop for your team's communication, file-sharing, and videoconferencing needs? Learn more about Microsoft Teams' free accounts today!
The new PC Manager app on a Windows 11 desktop

Is Microsoft’s new PC cleaner just an Edge ad in disguise?

Microsoft really wants you to use the Edge browser, so much so that it has tied it to PC optimization in a new settings app.
The LG Smart Monitor with a Netflix show streaming on the display

LG’s latest 4K monitor wants to be your smart home hub

LG just released the Smart Monitor which has AirPlay 2 built into it and doubles as a smart home hub.
A child wearing a yellow shirt holding a chromebook in her lap

The best Chromebooks for kids

The best Chromebooks for kids are durable, easy to use, and affordable. All of these fit the bill. Let’s dive right in.
a view of the strange new windows from ignite 2022

Did Microsoft accidentally leak the next version of Windows?

There was a Windows desktop with a floating taskbar along the bottom and a toolbar along the top, and a floating search box in the center of the screen. 
A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 4090 has already sold for over twice its retail price on eBay

The GeForce RTX 4090 is the latest hot thing to get snatched up by scalpers and resold at exorbitant prices, sometimes as high as over $4,000.
a blue computer screen with a human brain icon on it

This brain grown in a dish learned to play Pong in 5 minutes

Scientists at Cortical Labs have taught a horrifying mass of brain cells to play Pong.
Mark Zuckerberg's avatar with legs in black jeans

Legs are coming to Zuckerberg’s metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg announced avatars will soon include legs in Horizon Worlds, using the built-in Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro tracking technology.
The meta quest 2 active pack announcement

VR fitness gets less sweaty with Meta Quest 2 Active Pack and Fitness API

Meta has new tools coming to help you work out. Meta announced the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack and Fitness API today during Meta Connect.