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You can burn calories while you game with the Cycledesk 100

Gamers who often struggle in deciding between blasting zombies in Call of Duty or hitting the gym can finally rest easy. Thermaltake is here to the rescue with the new Cycledesk 100 gaming desk.

The Cycledesk 100 is a height-adjustable desk made for exercise. It’s hard to imagine the engineering genius behind this desk. There’s a desk, in front of which you can place an entire exercise bike. Gym bros around the world are surely rejoicing.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The desk height is adjustable from 28 inches to 46 inches (72 cm – 117 cm). The smart engine in the desk can remember your preferences, so with the tap of a button on the included phone app, you can have your desk set up the way you like. Just remember to wipe the equipment down after you use it.

But it’s the little things that count. Things like an RGB light strip around the edges, anti-collision sensors which stop the height motor the moment it senses something in the way, and built-in cable management.

The desk is mounted on four wheels so you can move it around where you need. The wheels have locks to keep everything in place. There’s even a side-mounted laptop holder.

Thermaltake is the Taiwanese company best known for its PC cooling components and eye-catching cases. The company creates all sorts of peripherals for the gaming community, including fantastic smart gaming desks. The Cycledesk 100 is the company’s newest offering.

A black Cycledesk 100
image: Thermaltake Image used with permission by copyright holder

But it’s not all about cycling, so don’t let the name fool you. Although Thermaltake wants to help you exercise, you don’t need to plop an exercise bike or stairmaster in front of the Cycledesk 100.

If you’re more of a stand-in-one-place kind of worker, this machine becomes a great height-adjustable standing desk. You could even roll a gaming chair up to it and use it like a normal desk. Remember to do some arm crunches while you sit.

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