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We’re lovin’ this official McDonald’s gaming chair — the McCrispy Ultimate

Some lucky person in the U.K. is going to receive their very own McCrispy Ultimate gaming chair, courtesy of McDonald’s. According to Tom’s Hardware, the U.K. branch of McDonald’s revealed the chair on its Facebook page and announced that it is giving one away.

The stainproof chair is yellow and black and includes a fry holder and a sandwich warmer, according to the post. It also comes with slots for dips, you know, for your ketchup (or vinegar, in the case of British fry eaters).

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A yellow and black McCrispy gaming chair
Image courtesy of McDonald’s

The contest is open to residents of England, Wales, and Scotland. The contest can be entered via McDonald’s Facebook page.

There is only this one chair available, and it has no cash value, according to McDonald’s. Two runner-ups will receive McCrispy neon lights.

There are also rumors of three other McCrispy gaming chairs out there in the wild. The Gamer reported three influencers received the others, including Manny and Elz The Witch.

McDonald’s has been reaching out to the gaming community a lot lately. Earlier this year, it ran an Overwatch 2 collaboration in Australia, and gamers could get in-game McDonald’s skins with redeemable codes on special Overwatch 2 meals. Pokémon has been a staple of Happy Meals for a few years now.

This is not the first fast food-inspired gaming concept we have seen, nor is it the weirdest gaming chair. Remember the KFC gaming console? It never came to fruition, but we were curious. Burger King attempted to make an Xbox game called Sneak King, which fizzled out. Wendy’s had a hit Smash Bros. level a few years ago.

Then there was the electric gaming bed, which is perhaps the weirdest, yet greatest way to game you will ever see.

The McCrispy chair runs a close second, however.

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