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No more snack breaks: KFC’s next-gen video game console also keeps chicken warm

KFConsole: Power Your Hunger

KFC is entering the next-gen console game with its new video game system, the KFConsole. The bizarre system is capable of displaying games in 4K, hitting 240 frames per second, and features a chamber that keeps chicken warm.

While it sounds like a deeply bizarre marketing joke, the system is apparently very real. The KFConsole is a collaboration between KFC and computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master. The bucket-shaped system’s design is led by Timpelay, a modder who’s known for his computer builds.


When it comes to specs, the KFConsole is no laughing matter. The system has an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element and a swappable Asus graphics card. The console features a Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD, which means it has more native storage than the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

The weirdest feature is the console’s “chicken chamber,” which is designed to keep chicken warm. The system pushes natural heat from its components up to a chamber meant for storing chicken.

On top of all of that, the system is VR ready and supports ray tracing. It’s essentially a mini PC that’s optimized for the latest generation of games, with a very offbeat gimmick.


Currently, there are no release date or pricing details available for the console. It’s not clear if the KFConsole will be readily available, a limited release, or an elaborate giveaway stunt.

KFC first unveiled the console in June after Sony took the wraps off the PlayStation 5, though many assumed it was a satirical joke about next-gen consoles. Last year, KFC formally stepped into the gaming ring when it released a Colonel Sanders dating simulator.

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