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This new electric gaming bed lets you rise and grind

Have you ever wanted to immediately wake up and get to gaming in comfort? Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhutte seems to think there’s an audience that does and created just the piece to help: The BGB-100FA electric gaming bed.

至高の寝ながらゲーム環境「電動ゲーミングベッド」BGB-100FA 動作イメージ

This gaming bed allows players to skip the usual morning routine and jump right to video games instead of breakfast — perfect to pair with something like the Samsung ARK rotating gaming monitor. The bizarre product comes with a remote control used to transform the futon-like furniture into a large gaming chair that sits at a 60-degree angle for the upper body and a 30-degree angle for the legs.

While it seems like a joke at first glance, Bauhutte made the product with a completely serious purpose in mind. The company states that it was made to optimize space for gamers that are confined to smaller rooms or apartments, saving room by having a bed that converts to a comfortable gaming setup.

Bauhutte is no stranger to the gaming space either. Just recently the company went viral for creating a gaming bed that serves a similar purpose to its new transforming gaming chair. Even before then, Bauhutte made itself known for creating optimized furniture and rigs for “the perfect gamer’s hideout.”

Rise-and-grind gamers or anyone interested in space-saving furniture can purchase this new transforming gaming chair/bed in Japan for 59,800 yen, which translates to $480 U.S. dollars. The mattress included in the pack is going for 83,398 yen or $670 U.S. dollars.

It’s unknown if this revolutionary equipment is going to be available in the U.S., as Bauhutte is Japan exclusive. However, some of their pieces are readily purchasable for U.S. customers through sites like OtakuMode.

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