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VR fitness gets less sweaty with Meta Quest 2 Active Pack and Fitness API

Fitness may be the second-most popular use of VR after gaming, and Meta has new tools coming to help you work out. Meta announced the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack and Fitness API today during its Meta Connect event. 

The Active Pack will help you keep a sweat-free grip on your paddles and stop your Quest 2 headset from becoming slick with sweat. It includes a wipeable headset interface you can place over your headset, wipeable wrist straps to keep your controllers hooked onto your arm during heavy workouts, and knuckle straps which loop around your fingers from the back of the controller. 

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The meta quest 2 active pack announcement
image: Meta

There’s also a new Fitness API, currently in beta, for developers to connect with Quest fitness data. This will allow companies to sync this data to their own apps. For instance, the Apple Health or Google Health apps can record Quest workouts, while devs can use cloud sync to back up workouts across devices. 

Both the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack and Fitness API (beta) will be available this fall.

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