Toshiba Adds to External HDD Offerings

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If you’ve been considering backup up your hard drive lately, but haven’t quite found the right external drive to do it yet, Toshiba launched a a handful of new external storage devices on Tuesday that may be worth investigating.

Unlike external storage solutions that use 3.5-inch desktop drives, Toshiba opted to use 2.5-inch drives in its own USB 2.0 portable external hard drives to cut down on size. But storage doesn’t suffer: the drives are still available in sizes up to 250GB, which Toshiba claims is the largest capacity offered in this form factor.

All of the drives are shock-mounted and have ventilated black aluminum cases to aid in dissipating heat. They also include Toshiba’s NTI Shadow software for making backups easily.

The 250GB drive will run for $189.99, while the 200GB version goes for $169.99, the 160GB for $139.99 and the 120GB for $109.99.