Toshiba adds touch to the Satellite 845t ultrabook

Check out our review of the Toshiba Satellite U845t Windows 8 ultrabook. 

Toshiba’s Satellite 845 was the first Windows 8 ultrabook we reviewed — yet, strangely, it wasn’t available with touch. The company has now rectified that oversight with the refreshed Satellite 845t. Can you guess what the “t” stands for?

The addition of touch is welcome and necessary to keep Toshiba’s ultrabook lineup in competition with the wide range of touch-enabled models now arriving from Acer, Dell, and HP. We do wish that some other addition was made to distinguish it from the original Satellite 845, however. In every other respect the laptop is identical to the unit we reviewed in August.

Even still, there is one advantage that might give the 845t an edge – price. The MSRP is expected to be an affordable $800. Other touchscreen laptops can be had for less, but none of them are ultrabooks.

Of course, a price advantage might be short-lived. Toshiba won’t release the U845t into the wild until March and we expect new and refreshed touchscreen laptops throughout the show. We’ll have to see if this refresh is still a good value when it hits store shelves in a few months.