Verizon Prepaid Wireless Plans Coming to Notebooks

Verizon Wireless USB760

Verizon Wireless has unveiled new pre-paid wireless plans for notebook users, whereby customers can pay for mobile data services a day, week, or month at a time with Verizon’s USB760 wireless modem. Verizon hopes that the pre-paid option will appeal to folks who occasionally need mobile data services for the computer, but don’t roam enough to justify the cost of an always-available data plan—for instance, the prepaid plans simplify setting wireless data service during business trips or vacations.

Verizon Wireless will offer three options: daily, weekly, and monthly access. The daily option will be priced at $15 and will include up to 75 GB of data transfer; the weekly option will cost $30 and handle up to 250 GB of data transfer, while the monthly option will cost $50 and include 500 MB of data transfer.

In addition to wireless modem capabilities, the Verizon Wireless USB760 modem offers a microSD slot supporting up to 8 GB of removable storage. The model works with computers running Linux, Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, and Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Customers will need to buy the modem for $129.99 in order to access pre-paid data options.

Verizon Wireless’s prepaid mobile options should be available at Verizon Wireless locations beginning November 15, and other selected retailers beginning November 20.