Voodoo Takes a Crack at Mac with Envy 133

Voodoo Takes a Crack at Mac with Envy 133

HP borrowed a page from Apple’s styling book on Tuesday with the release of its new Envy 133 notebook, which closely mirror the MacBook Air’s styling. The ultra-light notebook features dimensions and options similar to its Mac counterpart, but with a handful of extras that take the machine one step further.

The Envy matches the Air’s screen size with a 13.3-inch display (also backlight with LEDS), and depth with measurements of just 0.70 inches.  Weight comes in at 3.4 pounds, a feat partially made possible by a carbon fiber shell.

Although HP wasn’t able to cram an optical drive inside, it includes an external eSATA optical drive with every unit. The Envy 133 also gets a unique power brick with an included Ethernet jack that transforms it into a wireless router once connected, acting as a base station for the notebook. Other touches include a backlit keyboard and a touch pad that supports advanced gesturing like “chiral scrolling” and pinches.

The Envy 133 will come in priced at a hair over two grand: $2,099. More detailed specs on the machine will be available closer to its projected launch sometime this summer.

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