Watch a Wii game played on an Android tablet with an Xbox 360 controller

watch a wii game played on an android tablet with xbox 360 controllerIt’s always interesting to see someone making creative use of otherwise disparate technology and teasing the possibilities of an interconnected future. This time around, it’s a mash-up of Nintendo, Android, and Microsoft technology all coming together to form a pretty cool little gaming station.

YouTube user Obiwan222222 found a way to play Nintendo Wii games on an Android tablet using an Xbox 360 controller, and created a video showcasing the Voltron-like unity of the three products.

It might seem simple, but it actually required a number of steps to pull it off. In order to make the system work, he first got the Wii game running on a PC using an emulator, then streamed the video to his Android 3.2 tablet using a remote desktop app. He then attached the Xbox 360 controller to the keyboard dock, and it was “Game On” for a round of Super Mario Bros. Galaxy.

You can get the full specs of the hardware he used, as well as info about the Wii emulator and remote desktop app in the video below: