WikiLeaks video game goes viral

Wikileaks gameThat didn’t take long. The WikiLeaks Cablegate scandal has now became an online game simpler than Frogger. The entire premise involves Julian Assange sneaking a USB drive into President Obama’s laptop before he notices. It shows you how many documents you’re able to upload each time, and once you get to 300,000, you win.

While the game’s graphics and content are nothing to brag about, its popularity is. In the few, short days it’s been available, it’s being reported that the game has been played over a million times. The game’s creator, Sebastiaan Moeys, says that “We didn’t plan for this to be a smash hit. We created it as a sort of joke, a social commentary on a developing story.”

Moeys, only 21, is astounded by the game’s web presence, and says his company’s servers have actually been challenged by the overwhelming amount of players. And despite WikiLeaks: The Game’s simplicity, it’s been given a rating of 6.8 out of 7, pretty admirable for something that took about a week to develop. And we doubt this is the last of its kind.