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Microsoft’s latest build of Windows 10 for Insiders fixes some remaining issues

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The latest build of Windows 10 is out for Fast Ring participants in the Windows Insider club, bringing the platform up to Build 15060 on the PC, Windows Insider lead Dona Sarkar said Thursday evening — a bit of polish on an OS update that’s almost ready to roll out the door.

On the features front, there’s nothing new with Build 15060, but that’s to be expected given Microsoft is wrapping up development of Creators Update (Redstone 2). That said, the team is polishing the platform for a general release to all Windows 10 users in April. That includes stomping out troubling issues and making slight improvements prior to Creators Update going gold later this month.

The new build fixes seven issues, one of which actually resolved another issue in the process. According to the release notes, the team resolved a problem with the Settings icon on the taskbar that also fixed another visual problem causing the Settings tile on the Start Menu to become grayed out.

Here are the other resolved issues:

Input Method Editors: Third-party IMEs wouldn’t show up in Settings after installation.
Microsoft Edge: The MS Pinyin IME would become stuck and a website unresponsive while quickly typing and deleting characters in the website’s search field.
Microsoft Edge: The browser would fail to launch again after a crash due to previous, suspended instances in the background.
Microsoft Edge: Problems occurred when exploring pages using the F12 Developer Tools with cross-origin iframes.
Surface Pro 3 / Surface 3: If the latest drivers and firmware are installed, these devices couldn’t update to a new build with an inserted SD card.
Taskhost: This executable would crash after pressing Tab while quickly typing in sign-in fields within Universal Windows Platform apps.

As for outstanding issues, there are still six the team needs to address. For instance, there’s a problem with restarting the PC due to a pending update, as the restart reminder dialog doesn’t appear. Until the bug is squashed, Insiders are encouraged to go into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update to see if they need to restart their PC.

The release notes also point to a gaming-specific problem that’s still outstanding. While broadcasting gameplay, Insiders could see the broadcast live review window flash green on the Game bar. This is only a visual problem on the broadcaster’s end, and only appears on “certain” hardware configurations. It doesn’t affect the quality of the broadcast itself.

Finally, Sarkar warns that if this build fails to install after rebooting the PC, manually reboot the PC again (error 8024a112). If the PC appears to hang after the manual reboot, turn the PC completely off, wait a moment for the RAM to clear, and turn it back on. The install process should move forward after that.

Sarkar had initially noted that builds for Brazil (PT-BR) and Polish (PL-PL) were still forthcoming, pointing out that users would see a message stating that “we will keep trying or you can try again now.” Later Thursday evening those builds were released as well.

Happy testing, Insiders!

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