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You have to wait until after fall's Creators Update for the Windows 10 Timeline

Microsoft recently announced the next major update to Windows 10, Fall Creators Update, at its Build 2017 event held in May. The company highlighted a number of new features for the update, including the new Story Remix app that will help novices create compelling videos with the help of some artificial intelligence and a new Fluent Design System that will make Windows 10 and its apps a more cohesive and dynamic environment.

One of the more exciting new features announced at the event is the Timeline, which promises to let users move back and forth through their workflows on various devices and return to apps, documents, and tasks. Unfortunately, as MSPoweruser reports, Microsoft will not be able to complete the Timeline feature by the time Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ships to users.

The work comes via Twitter, where Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows Joe Belfiore responded directly to concerns that the Timeline wouldn’t make it out in time:

Correct. Timeline won't be in the Fall Creators Update. We're planning for it to be in early insider builds shortly after FCU is out.

— Joe Belfiore (@joebelfiore) July 3, 2017

This is not the first time a high-profile feature failed to make the cut in a major Windows 10 update. The My People feature was promised for Creators Update that shipped in April and it, too, was left out. The My People feature is slowly making its way into the latest Windows Insider preview builds and so far the functionality is rather limited compared to what was promised at its introduction in 2016.

Timeline is particularly important to Microsoft and Windows 10 because not only does it expand the operating system’s value in helping users be more productive — a key Microsoft mantra — but it also helps tie Windows 10 to other important platforms. Android and iOS will gain Timeline support via Microsoft Cortana, which already helps tie the platforms together for sharing reminders and seeing Android notifications on Windows 10 machines.

Microsoft has been doing a great job of letting users know what is coming in Windows 10 and the Windows Insider program helps the particularly courageous — not to mention IT administrators — get a feeling for the upcoming changes. Sometimes, the company gets ahead of itself, however, and makes promises that it cannot quite keep. This is such a case, but users will likely be happier to have the Timeline feature delayed as opposed to suffering through a buggy rollout.

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