Windows 10 Mobile Preview build adds Messaging Everywhere service to the mix

messaging everywhere will not be part of windows 10 anniversary edition update interface mobile
Microsoft has thrown a new build of Windows 10 Mobile into the Fast ring pool of the Insider Preview program, bringing the platform up to version 14327. This release introduces Microsoft’s Messaging service to the phone, crams a few more languages into Cortana, and squashes a few problems that reared their heads in previous builds. The new build joins an updated version of the Skype UWP app that will play an important part in upcoming builds of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview.

For starters, Insiders can now get a taste of what Microsoft means about “messaging everywhere.” This service essentially allows users to send and receive text messages from a Windows 10 desktop through a paired Windows 10 Mobile device. This should come in handy for customers who are busy pecking away on a laptop and can’t be burdened by picking up the phone and tapping in a response.

To enable this service, users must be signed in to their Microsoft Account. Then, on the phone, the setting labeled “Send texts on all my Windows devices” needs to be switched on in the Messaging app while the Windows 10 PC version needs to show that the Windows phone is the designated messenger of all texts.

Microsoft notes that Skype integration in this build’s Messaging app was ripped out to “streamline the experience.” Instead, an upcoming build of Windows 10 Mobile will add integration with the Skype UWP Preview app into the Messenger app. Users are encouraged to use the existing Skype app for Windows 10 Mobile in the meantime, which is obviously available in the Windows Store.

Speaking of the Skype UWP app, the new desktop version adds several group-based features such as creating and adding group messages, and conducting both audio and video group-based calls (up to four images can be seen at one time). Group instant messaging with tools to edit and delete messages after the fact is also on the menu, as well as the ability to mark a specific group as a “favorite.”

However, the big news here is that a mobile version of the Skype UWP Preview app is arriving soon. This app will include the group calling feature and other desktop-based app favorites. Windows 10 Mobile devices will even sport a single hub where users can view both their text messages and those received through Skype conversations. Pretty handy.

Getting back to Windows 10 Mobile, build 14327 now injects additional languages into Cortana. Microsoft’s digital assistant now supports Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), and French (Canada). Voice input is available in these languages too — just tap the microphone above the virtual keyboard (after tapping the text field) and speak your mind.

“For each new market and language, the Cortana team works to develop a custom experience that is relevant in each individual market and language,” Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says in a blog. “These are early versions that we will continue improve based on your feedback and we look forward to hearing more from you.”

As previously mentioned, the new Windows 10 Mobile build fixes a number of issues, such as the phone’s screen not coming on and becoming unresponsive when the power button is used to quickly lock/unlock the phone. An issue relating to the space and enter keys on the keyboard not responding is now resolved as well. A complete list of fixes and known problems with Build 14327 is made available in Aul’s blog.

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