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Microsoft issues second Windows Insider ‘Skip Ahead’ build

Windows Insider
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is right around the corner, arriving on October 17 and bringing with it a host of new features and functionality. Windows Insiders have had access to the new bits for months now, and some have even moved on to the next major Windows 10 build via the Skip Ahead program. For those users, Microsoft just shipped another new preview build that looks beyond Fall Creators Update.

The new release is Build 16362, and it focuses on providing enhancements to stability and performance in a few key Windows 10 areas. Microsoft Edge gets some fixes, as does Narrator and the Windows Shell. Here are some highlights:

Improved boot experience

Microsoft introduced the ability to use your sign-in info to apply settings after you’ve restarted or updated your Windows 10 PC. Build 16362 builds on that work, showing lock screen personalization via Windows Spotlight, Cortana, Mail, and more when a machine starts and you remain on the lock screen for more than a few seconds before signing in.

This feature isn’t available to any PC that’s connected to an enterprise, and it can be turned off. Just go into the Privacy section of Settings and toggle off the following setting in the Sign-in options.

Windows 10 Narrator improvements

Build 16362 adds in the ability to change the audio channel that Narrator uses for speech output. You can change the setting in Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator.

Windows Shell improvements

Windows Shell creates the user interface elements that users interact with all day long, and Microsoft has worked on fixing some outstanding issues to make the experience more consistent. Improvements include a fix to an issue where a minimized app windows on dual-monitor setups with different resolutions draw off-screen, and a fix for display language preferences failing to fully apply.

Microsoft Edge improvements

Microsoft’s Edge browser might still be fighting for market share, but it’s not for the company’s lack of trying to make it a more compelling option. Build 16362 introduces a number of fixes aimed at making the browser more reliable and pleasant to use, including an app crash issue when login in using Facebook, an issue where pasting an image to failed, and more.

Gaming improvements

Issues with two games were fixed in Build 16362. Specifically, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will now start correctly and Train Simulator 2017 will launch without issue.

Input improvements

Windows 10 input received some polish in Build 16362, including the emoji panel tooltips receiving a couple of fixes and precision touchpads now working reliably when a machine wakes up. In addition, an issue with the CPU spiking and the mouse being nonresponsive has been resolved.

As usual, there’s also a list of general fixes and improvements, and so be sure to check out the entire list if you want to dig into the details. You’ll need to not only be a Windows Insider in the Fast Ring to get build 16362, but you’ll also need to be signed up for Skip Ahead in order to receive the update.

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