Wrap Your Mind Around NEC’s 43-inch Curved LCD Monitor

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Tired of having opponents sneak up on you when you know your peripheral vision would have picked them up? Or just need lots of space for windows, palettes, documents, toolbars, and utilities when editing video? Or just need to have a really cool sign for your store? NEC has formally announced its CRV43 43-inch curved LCD monitor, offering a 2,880 by 900-pixel native resolution for a truly immersive computing experience. Although NEC isn’t aiming the display specifically at gamers, the company does see potential for such enormous displays in places were users now routinely use multiple displays to extend their desktops, including enterprise, professional graphics, education, government, and (of course) command and control and dispatching operations,

"The NEC CRV43 curved display provides an excitingly immersive viewing experience for any type of user," said NEC Display Solutions director of product marketing Keith Yanke, in a statement. "Its lightning-fast response time coupled with its seamless curved screen provides enhanced comfort, decreased frustration, and increased productivity. The monitor eliminates the bezel and screen gap issues that have complicated users’ work environment for years."

The CRV43 offers a 2,880 by 900-pixel native resolution at a comparatively block 71 dpi, 200 cd/m² of brightness, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and a color gamut NEC says covers some 99.3 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. The display sports a 0.02ms response time, and offers single-link DVI and HDMI connectors, along with USB ports and front panel controls.

However, the CRV32 is anything but lean and mean: the display consumer about 200 Watts in normal operation, weighs 45 pounds (without a stand), and is more than 15 inches deep: so much for LCD displays getting thinner and thinner.

The CRV43 will be available in July at prices starting at $7,999.