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Yahoo Mail is about to make RSVPing to an event a whole lot easier

Yahoo Mail is only getting better. A few months ago Mail made it a little easier for those that like to shop online to keep track of the latest deals and to keep a tab on their receipts. Now, Yahoo Mail is not only getting a little faster, but it’s also adding a few more features that should make the experience a little smoother.

First, the stability improvements. Yahoo says that it has been able to reduce latencies and improve overall performance for a number of different operations — including checking for new emails, reading messages, and more. Without getting into technicalities, the result is that Yahoo Mail should be faster, and you should get fewer error messages. In fact, Yahoo says that there should be a 10 percent improvement in page load performance.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Yahoo Mail has also added a few new features — which the company says have been highly requested. For starters, Yahoo Mail now offers Photo Themes, which basically allow you to personalize your inbox’s theme with a new selection of custom-designed themes. These themes are in line with Yahoo’s recent redesign, which emphasizes vibrant colors and a simple look — and the custom photo themes should help make things even more customizable.

Next up are RSVP cards, which allow you to see calendar details and RSVP directly to events straight from an email. In other words, you will be able to accept or reject going to an event without hassle — simply hit the appropriate button to tell the event organizer whether you’re going or not.

Last but not least, you will be able to use much richer formatting for automatic responses. Now, if you’re going on vacation and need to set up an automatic response, you will be able to add things like GIFs or custom stationary to the email — making for a much more personalized response.

In general, these new features should help make Yahoo Mail stand out from the rest — which might be important for the company. It’s one of the few consumer-facing Yahoo products that are still widely used and it is features like this that could ensure that continues to happen.

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