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Apple Announces iPod Recycling Program

Don’t want your iPod any more? Starting today you’ll be able to “recycle” it at any of Apple’s 100 American retail stores. The company announced a special incentive recycling program after months of pressure from environmental activists involved in activities like the Computer TakeBack Campaign.

Apple will allow consumers to bring in used iPods to their stores for free environmentally friendly disposal, the company said in an issued press release. The digital audio players will be processed domestically, with no hazardous materials being shipped overseas. Apple encouraged consumers to check out details of their worldwide recycling programs on their site.

As an incentive to get consumers to bring in their iPods for recycling instead of throwing them away, a ten percent discount will be offered on the purchase of a new iPod that same day.

The Computer TakeBack Campaign said they specifically targeted Apple because of harmful chemicals which they feel are released into the environment when iPods and similar products are dumped in landfills. They feel Apple should “live up to its ethical reputation” and take a stand against the increasing amount of digital hardware being disposed by society.

— By Nino Marchetti

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