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Archos Release SDK for Their PMA400

Archos Release SDK for Their PMA400

The PMA400 SDK is designed for developers with knowledge of software development for Trolltech’s Qtopia-based devices. Archos provides a free software download (under GNU General Public License terms) for cross platform development, based on binary tools GNU binutils, GCC and glibc, and Linux kernel sources. Additionally, the PMA400 Multimedia Framework libraries and documentation are free to download for non-commercial applications.

If you don’t understand what we just said, then you probably shouldn’t use the development kit.

The Archos PMA400 is being branded by the company as their Pocket Media Assistant and features an integrated 30GB hard drive, a foldable USB keyboard, and a touch-sensitive screen. You can even record television shows to the unit.

You can download the development kit here

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