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Beyond TV 4.3 and ‘Buzz’ Released

The latest software release, version 4.3 features enhanced HDTV support including ShowSqueeze which lets you save more HDTV recordings without loss of video quality. You also get the option to recordshows in DivX or Windows Media Formats if you want to. Snapstream is now stripping out the extra sub-channel information which is usually recorded with a video, resulting in a recording file up to50% smaller than the original without loss of quality.   Version 4.3 also supports DivX 6.1 with Intel optimizations (sorry no love for AMD fans here) which the company claims results in 300%faster encoding and even smaller file sizes.   And lastly, the new 4.3 update includes support for ATI’s new Theater 650 Pro chip, which we wrote about a few days ago.   Beyond TV Buzz appears to be a charts list showing offthe most recorded shows using the Beyond TV software. In order for your recording to be tracked, you will need to select the option in the software.

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