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Creative Labs Zen Micro Review

 Apple’s iPod is truly a testament to the power of good engineering. What started out as a new design approach to a relatively old idea, the iPod has turned into a phenomenon unlike anything thetech world has seen in recent years. Who would have guessed that a portable audio player from a computer company would set a new standard for others to follow.

Creative Labs, a company which has been in the portable audio market for years, has had to adapt to the iPod craze by developing players that emulate the look and feel of Apple’s digital success. The Zen Micro by Creative Labs is arguably the best looking iPod clone on the market. Featuring more storage space for the same price as Apple’s iPod mini, the $249 dollar Zen Micro will appeal to those that want more compatibility with music services and audio formats. The Apple iPod is hard to beat for a reason; does the Zen Micro have the right stuff? Read on to find out.

Designtechnica’s Zen Micro Review

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