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CyberLink PowerCinema Adds DVB Recordings

Digital home solutions provider CyberLink today announced they were adding the ability to record audio programs broadcast through DVB-T and DVB-S signals to their CyberLink PowerCinema home entertainment software package.

This new feature, Cyberlink said, will allow users to record Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T) and Satellite (DVB-S) audio signals via digital or hybrid tuner cards and use time-shift recording to forward or rewind these programs. In areas where these broadcast signals support electronic program guides, users will be able to schedule TV-based radio programs to be recorded to their hard drives.

“Radio programming is a key feature of today’s home entertainment and with the increasing number of services going digital, it makes sense to have a convenient way to record them,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink Corp. “By providing digital and hybrid TV tuner support, PowerCinema delivers the same powerful recording and playback features that the software offers for recording digital TV programs.”

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