D-Link Gigabit & Wireless Network Review

“After getting my fingers back to normal from the wrath of the game pad I have to say the D-Link system is impressive. The wireless side of the network did away with my suspicions and offered an enormous amount of bandwidth for a small amount of money. The D-Link systems are often found for great prices on the web and in your Sunday paper. If your house is wire challenged then I highly recommend you take a look at D-Links offerings. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be impressed; D-Link has a wireless winner. “

It sound slike Gruntville is pretty impressed with D-Links products. Jeff Fila, technical editor for Designtechnica has been less than impressed with a couple of D-Links wireless products including their D-Link DI-624 XtremeG wireless router. You can see our review here.

Read the the full review at Gruntville

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