Dish to Introduce Portable DVR Product

Dish to Introduce Portable DVR Product“The PocketDish will link to its set-top boxes/DVRs via USB 2.0 wiring, the computer wiring that allows for fast downloading.

The company has issued only a few hints about PocketDish and won’t release details, but executives hope the product gives EchoStar a leg up in its battle with cable and satellite TV rivals.

Several analysts question whether the PocketDish can be an iPod-like success, but they credit EchoStar at least for trying something new.”

The PocketDish will be based on an Archos product. Given that Archos just announced their new AV 700 mobile DVR product there is a good chance it will be a rebranded version of this player. According to the Yahoo! article, Echostar Communications, owner of Dish Network, invested about $10 million in Archos earlier this year.

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