e-volo personal helicopter

The e-volo prototype is a personal multicopter outfitted with sixteen propellers that allow the pilot of this odd-looking air-craft to hover above ground. The on-board navigation system is almost entirely automatic with various things like balance and altitude managed by the on-board computer system. Control of the e-volo is managed by using a joystick, so while the e-volo may look confusing to navigate, it is in fact easier than you would imagine.

The e-volo’s sixteen motors are powered by off-the-shelf batteries and overall the personal copter is surprisingly energy-efficient. Currently flight time is restricted to roughly 20-30 minutes depending on how portly you may be, but the design team has indicated that the overall flight time could be expanded upon by integrating a hybrid gas system, or by increasing the battery capacity on the rotors.

But what if something goes wrong, you ask? The team has stated that the craft can be outfitted with a safety parachute and will even operate safely if four of its motors fail.

Check out the video below for a look at the e-volo in action.