ExtremeTech’s Portable Media Center Review

We like what Alexander Grundner of eHome Upgrade has to say about ExtremeTech’s review:

“ExtemeTech posts a scathing review of the Creative and Samsung Portable Media Center players set to hit the shelves either this month or next. If you decide to read the article, get ready for so much added (and useless) commentary that Gizmodo would be ashamed to publish it. “

What Jim Louderback seems to miss is that there is a strong demand for these devices. Archos has already been profitting from this new market with their non-proprietary players, so it only seems natural for Microsoft and the other players to jump on-board. Jim goes on to say:

“Even if you do manage to cram a few hours of video into the PMC, you won’t be able to watch it for long. Amazon claims a battery life of “up to three hours” for the Zen Portable Media Center, although Creative’s spokesman insisted it would last for five. The smaller Samsung unit is likely yo fade even more rapidly.

But battery life claims are the biggest lies in the world (after the promise/mouth and check/mail ones). I routinely cut them in half to get near the truth. With less than two hours of battery life, you had better hope the train’s not late. And don’t expect to watch a full baseball game