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Harman’s AKG GHS-1 headset targets gamers

Harmon International is going after gamers with its new AKG GHS-1 gamer headset, designed to deliver first-class immersive audio along with all the trash-talking capability folks could want via a noise-canceling boom microphone. And the on-ear headset is designed with lightweight comfort in mind, so games can play for hours—and hours and hours—without fatigue.

“When you’re in an all-immersive entertainment experience such as gaming, we understand how important high-quality, realistic sound plays in the overall experience,” said Harmon Consumer Division president David Slump, in a statement. “The new GHS-1 headset is designed specifically for the gamer and features our innovative audio engineering built into a distinctive, long-lasting, and intuitive design for the ideal gaming experience.”

The headset features a directional boom microphone technology for coordinating with team-mates or simply mocking the opposition; the headset also features passive noise reduction to seal gamers away from annoying ambient sound and help them become fully immersed in the gaming experience. Gamers will also appreciate an inline volume control and on-off switch that eliminates the hassle of dashing out to PC, console, or game controls to wrangle audio. The headset is also portable, thanks to a 3D-Axis2 folding headband so the headphones can collapse into a size more appropriate to a gear bag. The headset offers a frequency range from 18 Hz to 24KHz, and claims 115db of dynamic sensitivity—if your ears can still detect all that, you probably haven’t been gaming enough.

The AKG GHS-1 gamer headsets are available now for a suggested price of $79.99in three gamer-garish color combinations—black and orange, white and green, and (we’re not making this up) camo and blue.

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