iPod #1 with American Teens, Survey Shows

“In its bi-annual ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ survey obtained by The Mac Observer, research analysts Michael Olson and Gene Munster found that of 518 students, the number of kids owning an iPodhad risen dramatically. 56% said they owned an iPod, compared to 40% as reported in the company’s Fall survey. The next closest competitor in the current survey was Sony, which was chosen by 14% ofdevice owners, followed by iRiver at 7% and Rio at 5%. 17% of respondents said they owned others brands, including Dell and Creative.

But it was numbers of those planning to buy in the near future that were just as interesting: Of the 59% of students expecting to purchase a device within the next year, 70% expect to buy an iPod. While that number was the same in the Fall survey, only 46% of students were looking to buy a device at that time.”

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