iRiver Moves U.S. Operations to Washington

“The subsidiary, iriver America Inc., has inked a 10-year lease for 15,000 square feet of office space at Tidewater Cove, a river-front office complex owned by the Hickey Family Co. and RainbowHoldings LLC, the daily Vancouver paper reported.

Iriver America markets a variety of audio players. It is owned by Reigncom Ltd., South Korea’s leading digital music player maker. The company ranks as the world’s No. 2 seller behind Apple’s iPod.

The Columbian quoted Gary Byrd, iriver spokesman, as saying the Vancouver office will be occupied by summer, and the move from Milpitas completed by Sept. 1. How many people ultimately will work in Vancouver has not been determined, Byrd said. “

Read more at the Business Journal, Portland

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