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How about this awesome ‘Jet Engine’ chair for your office?

Fancy this as your next office chair? OK, it might not be designed with the workplace in mind, but imagine turning up with this beauty one Monday morning and rolling it to your desk, perhaps uttering a few nonchalant good mornings to your co-workers as you go.

The amazing design is actually the cover of a 737 jet engine, and, with its black leather interior and swiveling base, wouldn’t look out of place beneath a Bond villain’s butt.

The work of UK-based Fallen Furniture (and Boeing, it’s fair to say), the 2x2x2-meter 737 Cowling Chair is, according to its maker, “the epitome of luxury seating,” adding that “this unique and impressive masterpiece would form the centerpiece of any room.” And then some.

Founded by British brothers Harry and Benjamin Tucker, Fallen Furniture first came to our attention back in 2014. The siblings source rare aircraft parts from around the world, working them into gorgeous pieces of furniture like what you see here.

Besides turning engine cowlings into chairs, the pair have also used them to build cocktail bars and reception desks, hand-crafting the interiors from exotic hardwoods or highly lacquered painted wood.

Unique lamps have been created using various wing and exhaust parts, while the wheel of a Boeing 777 and the emergency door of an Airbus 320 have been transformed into coffee tables so stunning you probably wouldn’t want to actually put anything on them.

There’s no price listed for the extraordinary 737 Cowling Chair, but if you do want to buy one, it’s a safe bet you’ll also have to fork out for a few wall demolitions (and rebuilds) to get it into your home or place of work.

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