JetAudio iAudio4 MP3 Player Review

Quote from the review at The Tech Lounge:

“Well, the MP3 music revolution is in full swing. In this brave new day and age not only can you purchase MP3 players, recorders and the files themselves, you can be sued for sharing them with your friends. What other industry simultaneously offers you hardware with one hand and steals away the right to use it with the other? Despite all the uproar, digital music media is here for the long haul. And now that you’ve acquired your digital music files, legally or otherwise, whatever could you play them on?

Today we will be looking at JetAudio’s iAUDIO 4 MP3 player/recorder/FM tuner/voice recorder… that’s a lot of slashes. But this little gizmo is well worth its weight in slash marks. Boasting small size and a long battery life, JetAudio has filled this miniature soundsystem full of features and function.”

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