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Keep Your Second-Gen iPod nanos Dry

Keep Your Second-Gen iPod nanos Dry

H20 Audio and Otterbox have introduced new waterproof cases for Apple’s latest second-generation iPod nano portable media players, letting outdoor enthusiasts—or just folks who like long, hot baths—take their tunes with them wherever they go.

First up, the H2O Audio casing for Apple’s second-generation iPod nano is submersible up to 10 feet/3 meters when used with H20 Audio’s waterproof headphones, although it can be used with standard headsets. H2O Audio’s patent Commander scroll wheel assembly gives access to the nano’s function, offers a full view of the nano’s screen, and (of course) also protects against dust, wind, and sand. The case comes with an armband, and is priced at $79.95.”Apple introduced the new nano Gen 2 player a little more than a month ago and due to the increased memory capacity and new color/style options the demand has rocketed,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio, in a statement. “H2O Audio is the first company to come forward with a truly waterproof solution for the Gen 2 nanos and we are delighted to offer it along side our popular waterproof Gen 1 housing to keep nanos dry and in the thick of the action this winter.”

H2O Audio might have been the first to market—we don’t really keep track of these things—but Otterbox was only a day behind with its waterproof case for the second-generation iPod nanos. Although Otterbox’s offering is only good to a depth of three feet, it does claim to offer some drop protection in addition to shielding the device from the elements, takes any standard eighth-inch headphone, and a thin membrane over the Click Wheel keeps the iPod’s controls somewhat more-easily accessible. The Otterbox comes with a removable neck lanyard and belt clip; armbands are also available as an option. “We’ve heard some amazing customer stories of people taking their iPods wakeskating, kayaking, snowboarding, and even skydiving in the OtterBox for iPod cases,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC, in a release. “The new OtterBox 2nd Generation nano case will allow the same flexibility in any environment.” The Otterbox for the second-generation iPod nano runs $39.95; the optional armband is $14.95.

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