LobeMan FM Radio Review

Quote from the review at The Gadgeteer:

“That brings up one of the great uses for this gadget – exercising. If you aren’t working out in an aerobics’ studio with its inherent thumping music, then you are probably used to carrying some sort of radio, MP3 or CD device along to help keep your pace and pass the time. Let’s face it though – it isn’t always practical or desirable to carry a $300+ iPod when you want tunes.

Then there are other less expensive FM radio receivers, CD players and MP3 Players that attach with an earpiece, but you have to place that receiver somewhere – whether in a pocket or on an arm-band. With the LobeMan, you have the whole kit and caboodle securely placed on either ear. Plus there is the peace of mind, knowing that if for some reason the LobeMan were to be stolen from your gym bag or if you were to leave it somewhere, you won’t be out big bucks.”

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