Lockheed “eco-jet” can travel anywhere on earth without refueling

Inspired by the Bar-tailed Godwit, an Australian bird that holds the record for the longest nonstop flight (7,258 miles from Alaska to Australia without feeding) comes this zero emissions jet concept from designer William Brown. The Lockheed Stratoliner is a hydrogen jet that utilizes oversized wings to create extra lift for extended high-altitude flights. Like the bird it derives its inspiration from, the Stratoliner can travel anywhere in the world without having to refuel.

How does the Stratoliner achieve this feat? By utilizing cryogenic hydrogen turbofan engines that can operate in low power mode, much like fighter jet engines, allowing it save a significant amount of fuel without having to make a pit-stop.

So what possibilities can an eco-jet of this magnitude create? Well, for starters it could have the potential to revolutionize air-travel, but before that can happen the not-so-aerodynamic design would need to be refined and – of course – Lockheed would need to give it the green light.